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Life has changed fast, so have our priorities. People have become more
sensitive and have less patience. Things which were relevant a decade
ago are less relevant now. Astrologer Pt Shiv Dutt Dave understands problems
of the new, changed world and guides you accordingly.

Destiny along with luck plays a major role in one’s life - that along with efforts made in right direction ensures success. It is important to understand what you are not destined to achieve and avoid running after those things. Instead focus your efforts towards things that are achievable as per your astrological charts and that will bring you success and boost your confidence. After all, success makes one happy and content.

Astrologer Pt Shiv Dutt Dave can guide you towards the right direction in your life and help see life through a correct set of lens. Thousands of people world over have benefited by his astrological guidance. Ancient Vedic Astrology blended with modern thinking has proven to give excellent results. You are welcome to try once and experience yourself.


Pt Shiv Dave is:
Itis unlike the traditional astrologer. His approach is a perfect blend of principles of Vedic astrology with modern science and a sincere devotion and dedication of 12 hours towards making each horoscope.

Specializes In:
Accurate future predictions based on Vedic method supported by Palmistry. Providing suitable solutions to your problems and to achieve success in your desired field. Specialization in providing guidance on suitability of stones based on planetary influence in your charts. Match-making and achieving success in marriage, business and your career.