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Pt Shiv Dave has more than 25000 satisfied and repeated consultancy customers across globe from USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Middle East, South East Asia & India. Corporate to VIP's , Celebrities and Individuals from every wok of life are privilege customers of Pt Shiv Dave.

Pt. Shiv Dave

He is a qualified engineer and has successfully completed his career in engineering field and business. For last 15 years, he has developed interest in astrology and has thousands of successful prediction all over the world.
The system of his astrology is: He does not meet the person initially, the information needed are:
1. Name
2. Date of Birth 
3. Place of Birth 
4. Time

Based on this information he prepares your horoscope and tells you about your personality without meeting. If it is close to correct then only he proceeds further with predictions, etc., as there can be a mistake in noting the birth time, etc., the fee is not applicable till this time.

The specialtyy lies in giving the solutions to your problem in life. Life can be made better and easier with vedic solutions. The most problematic area in one's life starts with the marriage. The increase in divorce rate is mostly due to not matching the horoscope properly and exhaustively. Normally, people just match 'gunnas' and tells about suitability, which is only 10% of the match making.

Hence, the match making has to be studied in great detail. Pt. Shivdutt Dave is an Astrologer, capable of giving guidance, consultation to the persons in today's age where, the latest trend and lifestyle and necessities of life are different.

Apart from horoscope, those who do not know their birth date, palmistry can also help you.