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Vedic Astrology and Palmistry

Astrology is not a myth, it is proven science.Vedic Astrology was devised by ancient Rishis thousands of years back. Even in that age /era, they could measure the distance between earth and various planets, their axis, revolutions, etc accurately.

Cosmic effect of the planets need not be proved; the smallest example is the effect of moon which is closest planet to the earth. During full moon days, we can see high tides in the sea and similarly sea is silent in no moon day.

Vedic Astrology is based on horoscope i.e. birth chart. In fact it is the map of sky at the time of your birth. Apart from the planets even constellation of stars in the sky which are called as Nakshattra contributes a lot to decide its effect on the human being.

If not only tells you about your past, your present and future, but our Rishis have invented the solutions to overcome the difficulties in life and can take you closer to the achievement / goal. It tells you what not to do in life by which you can avoid failure and disaster.


Astrology to some extent has brought or earned negative name in society due to incompetent, unknowledgeable people professing Astrology.


Human lives are pre-destined by the God, which is reflected in your birth chart. However, God has been very kind to us and there is a scope of improving it / deteriorate by 30% which is efforts.


Counseling services in Vedic ways for education, career, marriage and children.


It works like for example -: In exam if you get 20 out of 100 you add this 30% instead of a failure and you pass, if you get 50% add this 30% you pass with flying colors. Similarly, if you are getting 50% and your efforts are negative, you subtract 30%, you are a failure.